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Meet The Team!

Kassidy Slaughter, ILR '24

Coming from a rural area, I've seen both how technology displaces workers and also the potential for innovation in the space. I joined DEAL so I could collaborate with like minded students to find solutions for how society can utilize technology for the benefit of all people, not just a select few. 

Ethan Abbate, ILR '24

DEAL is an amazing opportunity to observe a growing connection between technology and labor. Being a part of the only student-run organization to observe this relationship has been exciting, and I look forward to more events in the future.

Kiran Abraham-Aggarwal, ILR '25

As a student interested in the intersection of tech, policy, and labor, I helped to found DEAL to explore these interests. Initially starting as Research Lead, I had the opportunity to meet numerous academics in this space, and I look forward to seeing the impact our members will have. As current Vice President, I will work to maintain DEAL's presence as Cornell's premier club exploring the intersection of tech and labor. 

Dana Gong, Info Sci '22

I joined DEAL because I'm deeply interested in how the digital economy is shaping the future of labor and society. This is a really fast growing field of research and DEAL is an amazing place to connect with other students interested in this area!

Aisha Choudery, Science and Technology Studies '25

As technology rapidly advances around the world, it's crucial to be consistently aware of the consequences and impact it's having on society. When I first heard of DEAL’s mission to raise awareness of the way technology influences labor, I immediately knew that I had to be involved. I’m really looking forward to being DEAL’s new programming lead and meeting new people along the way!

Ria Bajaj, ILR '25

I joined DEAL because it's very interdisciplinary and allows me to pursue my many interests of law, policy etc. DEAL has also given me countless opportunities to get involved in cutting-edge research, and helped me develop valuable skills. 

Amelia Rajakumar, ILR '24

DEAL's mission regarding the exploration of the intersection between technology and labor is more important now than ever! I love getting to meet people who are deeply passionate about this subject area and learn more from my peers.

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